Why should we document refugee stories?

People are forced to flee their homelands for different reasons. RUSU concentrates its efforts on refugees fleeing persecution, wars, and tyrannical regimes. Telling effective stories is a powerful tool because storytelling drives action. Documenting these stories is important to be able to raise voices against those who persecute. History is told through stories of the past and collecting the current stories of humanity’s worst moments serves as a tool for our future interconnected world to learn from.

Why should we document human rights stories?

According to the Human Rights Foundation, more than 4 billion people live under tyrannical regimes that do not value human life and dignity. That is in over 95 countries and 54% of the world’s population. Regimes persecute those in opposition, use women and children as pawns, vilify, imprison, and use torture to instill fear. Kidnappings happen abroad, and journalists and those who speak out on human rights violations are beaten and given death threats. Even in countries where they have sought asylum. RUSU believes if we tell these stories, document them, and archive them that they can become useful tools for those who fight against tyrannical regimes and corrupt governments. By calling out these human rights violations we are keeping in check those who commit international crimes, and we stand with those who fight for the human rights of all.